The Best Advice I Ever Got

” I think that the most imortant advice I got was more like a directive from my parents, and that was to wear my helmet. I was a rebel back then and would hide it in the bushes outside my house, even some times in almirah also, but as the years went on I started to wear my helmet all the time, and now I feel naked without it. I have had some pretty bad crashes over the years and have always been thankful that I had helmet on.”

“I think that second important advice I got was from my Skating Coach, and that was ‘Attack when it hurts you because you know you are going to get away’. I just try to keep doing that. – K. Srikanta Rao, Former Indian Skating Champion and Team India Coach.

“Second best advice I got from Srikanta Rao was “Eat early, go to sleep early. Don’t eat bad food.”


About smattey

Sumit Mattey is the Leader, Cloud Technologist & Evangelist, Husband, Father and Fun Loving person. Currently working as - PROJECT MANAGER, R Systems Int'l Ltd.(Salesforce) Not simply defined by his career, Sumit lives with his family (whom he loves so much). He is an avid movie buff, a big book worm, a lover of food and beverage. While his schedule has not been forgiving as he'd like, he also enjoys doing photography with great outdoors and tries to hunt as often as possible.
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