What’s Google Wave All About ?


So GOOGLE WAVE had a limited release on September, 30 (only a lakh invites went out), making it one of the most significant days in software history.

To be honest, we don’t really know if WAVE is going to change the way we communicate (that’s what google claim, not we), and going by the history of such claims made by various companies (most famously, perhaps, by innovator Dean Kamen who said the the Segway mobility devices will change the way we travel; but then outside of a few cities of the US and Europe, no one’s even heard of it), we will need to treat carefully with WAVE.

Yet, for sheer functionality, we cannot admire the real time communication tool. Wave developed by Jeans and Lars Rasmussen, has email, instant messaging and web chat, social networking, instant file sharing, all rolled into one. Translation ? All that stuff that you do online with friends and co workers, can be done just on one platform. And yes, it’s free.

The toruble with great pieces of software is that we often take it for granted. For instance, how many times have you clicked on your browser and said “WoW, that man Tim Berners – Lee, he was a genius”. Or, how many time have you sent a email or a chat message to a friend and said a silent thanks to the online gods that invented the whole thing ? For that matter, do we really marbel at cell phones these days ?

My acid test for a great piece of softwae of for that software’s real success is when people stop talking about it. If Wave is a success, it could well become a part of our lives, and it will be difficult to live with out it, just as it is tough to live live without Email / SMS / or WEB Chat.

User will decide that, but before we do it, it would be a good idea to figure out what WAVE is actually all about . First some features –

§ It’s real time to such an extent that – in some features, if you enable it – you see what your friend on the other side of the WAVE is typing.

§ You want to convert your wave into a usable link ? You could do that to share it with whoever you want.

§ You want to replay in your head what your really long conversation was with your friend ? Don’t do that. All you gotta do is paly the WAVE like you’d play
a movie.

§ As the conversation develops – with either one person or serveral friends – you can edit what people have written. For instance, if you know that one friend’s information about, say, the movie, New York is incorrect, you can edit that after he or she posts the conversation and share it real – time withanyone.

§ For email or instant messageing, you don’t have to attach files so that everyone gets it separetely. Just drag and drop the file to the conversation for single click access to it.

§ Google says it will let people develop their own Wage Gadets, just as Apple allows users to develop iPhone Apps, a policy that has led to almost 2 billion Apple Apps Store downlaods worldwide ? Twave, for instance, is a Google Wave gadget for Twitter is already up and running.

§ Similar to Wave Gadets are WAVE extensions (if you use FIREFOX as your browser, you already know what Extensions are). Use of third party pieces of software could greatly enhace, WAVE, as the possibiloty are limitless. The Apple iPhone, for instance, has more than 85000 downloadable enhancements available.

That’s revolutionary in itself, but Google WAVE is capable of doing much more, far much more than what we have a preview of. For instance, a multi city office conference on Google Wave using real time chat as well as real – time tools may be developed in the future.

On the Web, news sites can use Google Wave to create real time chat’s with editors or celebrities, or perhaps even between readers themselves. Or as the popular social media site Mashable suggests, it could be used by the hundreds of customer support companies worldwide – and those that provide outsourcing services from India – to convert WAVE into a client company relationship tools.

It also adds that Wave can be used for school learning. For instance, teachers have always dreamed of an interactive way of learning with their students. Wave provides – from collaborating with students, is very much in the realm of possi bility.

Just reading bout Google Wave excites me. I am hoping to get an invite soon, but like it did with GMAIL, Google will obly gradually make WAVE universal like GMAIL and Gtalk, I expect a lot of noise initially, but it is also likely that Google’s new killer app is the one we are most quiet on.

For more reference please see the Google Wave Developer Preview at Google I/O 2009

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Sumit Mattey is the Leader, Cloud Technologist & Evangelist, Husband, Father and Fun Loving person. Currently working as - PROJECT MANAGER, R Systems Int'l Ltd.(Salesforce) Not simply defined by his career, Sumit lives with his family (whom he loves so much). He is an avid movie buff, a big book worm, a lover of food and beverage. While his schedule has not been forgiving as he'd like, he also enjoys doing photography with great outdoors and tries to hunt as often as possible.
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