Case Management : Business Process

Salesforce LogoA) Round-Robin Case Assignment – Evenly distributes cases to a pool of users using a simple round-robin algorithm. This scenario uses an auto number custom field on Case called “CaseNumber” that has a simple display format of “{0}” with no leading zeros. The MOD function is used to divide the CaseNumber by the number of users (3 in this example) and return a remainder (0, 1, or 2, in the example).

CASE(MOD(VALUE( {!CaseNumber__c}),3),0, “Queue A”, 1, “Queue B”, 2, “Queue C”,”Error”)

b) Case Open Duration – Calculates the number of days a case has been open. If the case is closed, set the result to blank.

IF( ISPICKVAL( {!Status}, “Closed”), null, ROUND((NOW() – {!CreatedDate}),0))

c) Autodial – Creates a linkable phone number field that automatically dials the phone number when clicked. In this example, replace “servername” and “call” with the name of your dialing tool and the command it uses to dial. The merge field, {!Id} inserts the identifier for the contact, lead, or account record. The first {!Phone} merge field tells the dialing tool the number to call, and the last {!Phone} merge field uses the value of the Phone field as the linkable text the user clicks to dial.

HYPERLINK(“http://servername/call?id=” & “&phone=” , {!Phone})

d) Case Aging (for open cases) – Checks to see if a case is open and if so, calculates the
number of days it has been open by subtracting the date and time created from the current date and time. The result is the number of days open rounded to 0 decimal places. If the case is not open, this field is blank.

IF(NOT(ISPICKVAL({!Status} , “Closed”)), ROUND(NOW()-{!CreatedDate}, 0), NULL)

e) Conditional Case Aging – Returns the number of days a case has been open if the Status is new or the Priority is high. If the case was opened today, this field displays 0.

IF(OR(ISPICKVAL({!Priority} , “High”), ISPICKVAL({!Status} , “New”)), ROUND(NOW()-{!CreatedDate}, 0), NULL)

f) Suggested Offers – Suggests a product based on support history for a computer reseller. When problem (custom field) matches a field, a suggestion can be offered.

CASE ( {!Problem__c}, “Memory”, “Suggest New Memory Cards”, “Hard Drive Failure”, “Suggest New Hard Drive with Backup”)

g) Suggested Agent Prompts – Prompts an agent with cross-sell offers based on past purchases.

CASE ( {!Product_purch__c}, “Printer”, “Paper”, “Camera”, “Memory”)


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