From today onwards I will be sharing the videos; which will cover CONF / ADMIN / DEV / DATA videos. Today I am starting from CONF / ADMIN / DATA Migration Videos


  1. Beyond Go-Live: A Plan for Sustaining ROI with Salesforce –
  2. Beyond Sales: The Custom Cloud for Professional Services –
  3. Building the Case for Electronic Signature-as-a-Service –
  4. Call Tracking for Your Sales Analytics –
  5. Collaborative Innovation for Sustainability –
  6. Contact Center: Implementation Best Practices –
  7. Hands-On: Building Reports to Analyze Revenue –
  8. ICMI: Repositioning the Value of the Call Center –
  9. Introduction to Workflow and Approvals –
  10. Lead Management 101: Qualifying, Scoring, and Routing Your Leads for Success –
  11. Let’s Get It Started! –
  12. Managing Releases in the Cloud –
  13. Optimizing Your Web Site for Maximum Lead Flow –
  14. Report Builder Developer Preview (July 22, 2010) –
  15. Sales Cloud Integration –
  16. Spot Trends & Make Better Decisions: Advanced Analytic Snapshots –
  17. The Top 10 Critical Service Metrics You Need to Know (#2) –
  18. Tips and Tricks for Release Management –
  19. Unleash Your Sales Cloud to Your Entire Business –
  20. Welcome to the Future of High-Volume Call Centers: New Service Cloud Console –


  1. Data Done Right (#3) –
  2. Unlock Your Data with Advanced Analytics –


  1. Success in a Sandbox—Develop, Test, and Train in Salesforce Sandbox –
  2. Webinar: Apex & Visualforce Controllers –
  3. Training Webinar: Stock up on new tips and tricks with –
  4. Code for Business Logic, Triggers, and Controllers –
  5. Hands-On: An Introduction to Code (Apex) –
  6. A Practical Overview of Building Apps on –
  7. Tech Talk Series: Introduction to Apex Code –
  8. Tech Talk Series: Apex Code Webinar –
  9. A Practical Overview of Building Apps on –
  10. Writing Secure Code on the Platform –
  11. Mastering Platform Services –

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Sumit Mattey is the Leader, Cloud Technologist & Evangelist, Husband, Father and Fun Loving person. Currently working as - PROJECT MANAGER, R Systems Int'l Ltd.(Salesforce) Not simply defined by his career, Sumit lives with his family (whom he loves so much). He is an avid movie buff, a big book worm, a lover of food and beverage. While his schedule has not been forgiving as he'd like, he also enjoys doing photography with great outdoors and tries to hunt as often as possible.
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