Another Punch by Salesforce – Introducing Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Salesforce gave a strong punch to its competitors this Monday by introducing much awaited product called “Salesfoce Analytics Cloud”. A platform purely designed for everyday business users, data gurus and analysts. Analytics Cloud is also known as WAVE launched on this Monday the 13th October, 2014.

Wave works on Salesforce 1 platform and Users can combine the data to make marketing, sales, customer service and take more defined and strong strategic decisions. Its is been designed so user friendly that one don’t need to wait for Admins to create the data, it directly access the data.

It can drastically low down the time spent by admin and it will reduce the frustration of Sales Head, CEO, & CFO for not getting the accurate reports. It is been called as one of the revolutionary, innovated, its fast and data on the figure tips.

Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud.

Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud

Download the application –

Case study from GE Capital Analytics Cloud Success Story – 

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About smattey

Sumit Mattey is the Leader, Cloud Technologist & Evangelist, Husband, Father and Fun Loving person. Currently working as - PROJECT MANAGER, R Systems Int'l Ltd.(Salesforce) Not simply defined by his career, Sumit lives with his family (whom he loves so much). He is an avid movie buff, a big book worm, a lover of food and beverage. While his schedule has not been forgiving as he'd like, he also enjoys doing photography with great outdoors and tries to hunt as often as possible.
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