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Salesforce Spring ’17 Release: Top Features Continue reading

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Turn the “Light On” – Introducing Salesforce 1 Lightning

Year 2013 was ruled by Salesforce 1 and now this year 2014 Salesforce is ready to rule the world with Salesforce 1 Lightning. Salesforce will be announcing the same in this current week and I am sure this is going … Continue reading

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Few Tips for New Admins

Today Salesforce has become one of the booming technology and every one in the industry want to take a flavor of this. Few of them wanted to learn it and few wanted to implement the same for their business. I have been having almost … Continue reading

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Change User Name Password through Script

Although resetting password can be done directly from user. But in case Administrator wants to set the predefined password then here is the easy way of doing the same – User usr = [select Id from User where username=’’]; System.setPassword(usr.Id,’welcome1234′); 

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Integration of Google News via Visualforce Page

Google News aims to organize all the world’s news and make it accessible to its users, while providing the best possible experience for those seeking useful and timely news information. But the question is how will you get the Account … Continue reading

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