My Wishlist

Some people are not meant to be happy & shiny. They keep waiting to be worthy of a dream. All of us at some time or the other are made to believe we are those people. But some people are dreamers. They indulge in being a child and live life like its Christmas everyday. They have a declared list of wishes wished & ambitions unfolded, and some waiting to be wished & aspired for. I am that person.

I call it a wishlist, you may call them life goals, I only wish, but I wish to only achieve –

– Be an educationist, writer, traveler, businessman, richer &…..
– Build a eco-friendly farm-house with a swimming pool in the middle of nowhere by the banks of Satluj in Punjab
– Get married before 27 (or 30 max!) to someone whom I meet not more than a year before deciding to get married (don’t ask me why) – THIS IS BEEN DONE…lol
– Visit 27 countries by my 27th birthday (ie 25 more in the next 5, ahem)
– Own an SUV
– Start an NGO/Development institute around social issues, youth empowerment & community development.
– Own a private jet, for no particular reason but because I mentioned it today
– Start a not-for-profit clothing line and distribute free clothes to those who need it

Additions (after attending a next Olympics and after watching next Miss Universe & Miss World):

– Start an organization and impact 27 million in India people by the time I am 36
– Have a house in Gurgaon…….


2 Responses to My Wishlist

  1. Pooja says:

    The Wish List is like a beautiful dream and trust me I u would love to be a part of ur wonderful dreams , so that all ur dreams come true.


  2. Tom Ladd says:

    Like your quote, here is another along the same lines:

    There are only six strings on a guitar, but we can make endless music thereon..


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